Hennessy Presents: Project Wild Rabbit


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Hennessy VS

Untitled by Francesa Suman

Hennessy VS

My wild rabbit is the pursuit of ensuring that every woman feels safe and empowered in her own skin. The discussion of sexual consent demands interaction. As a community we cannot stand for this violating behavior. As women we can never accept feeling disempowered. We can never stop the discussion about sexual consent. For this piece, I think about the dynamics of the survivor and the gestures of the violator. I have chosen to employ a nude model dressed in a semi-opaque raincoat layered in deli tickets. I wanted an object that we all identify as something that you "grab." These tickets are reflective of both the thoughtlessness of the violators as well as a visual representation of the prevalence of these violations. What the audience member does with the tickets is up to them. Do they throw it away? Do they keep it? Do they put it back? Can the model put them back? What does this interaction and moment between the participant and model expose? I challenge each participant to confront consent head on.


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